Pokémon Conquest
250px-Conquest EN boxart
Pokemon purasu Nobunaga no Yabō
Series Nobunaga no Yabou series
Sub-genre Tactical role-playing game
Developer Pokémon
Koei Tecmo
Publisher Pokémon
Director(s) Osamu Mieda
Producer(s) Hisashi Koinuma, Toshio Miyahara
Designer(s) Masayuki Tanimoto (Main)
Programmer(s) Hideomi Chino (Main)
Artist(s) Asami Yamamoto (Main)
Composer(s) Shinichiro Nakamura
Platform of origin Nintendo DS
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS(compatible)
Year of inception Flag of japan/Flag of the united states/Flag of australia/Flag of europe 2012
Mode(s) 1 Player (2 with DS Wifi)
Rating(s) CERO A all ages
389px-ESRB 2013 Everyone.svg
Website(s) Official Nintendo Website
Official Pokémon Website

Pokémon Conquest, known in Japan as Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition is a role-playing strategy video game developed by Tecmo Koei and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. The game is a crossover between the Pokémon and Nobunaga no Yabou video game series. The game was released in Japan on 17 March 2012, in North America on June 18, 2012 and in Europe (partly, i.e. in UK, Italy and Benelux) on 27 July 2012.

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