Poibus Part 1: Dasshutsu
Poibus zat soft
ポイボス Part1 脱出
Poibus Part 1: Dasshutsu
Developer Zat Soft
Publisher Zat Soft
Platform(s) PC-6001, PC-8801, PC-9801, FM-7, Sharp X1
Year of inception 1983
Mode(s) Singleplayer

Poibos (a misspelling of Phoebus) is a Japanese-made role-playing game. The small paying window displays a rather abstract map on which the player can navigate the characters. The game begins with Jorg only, but up to six characters may join the party and participate in combat afterwards. The characters' stamina bar is depleted depending on the terrain they walk on, and they need to rest regularly. Turn-based battles require balancing offensive and defensive manoeuvres, as well as actively protecting weaker party members. The game has a fairly complex weapon system, with several weapon types, all of which (due to the protagonist's outlaw status) can only be acquired by stealing or as battle trophies. Weapon energy deteriorates over time, having major impact on battle performance.