Nobunaga no Yabou: Reppuuden
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Nobunaga no Yabō: Reppūden
Series Nobunaga no Yabou series
Sub-genre Tactical role-playing game
Developer KOEI
Publisher KOEI
Platform of origin Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Mac OS, Dreamcast
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS
Year of inception 1999
Release date(s) Nintendo DS
Flag of japan 2006
Mode(s) 1-8 Players
Rating(s) CERO A all ages

Nobunaga no Yabō: Reppūden (信長の野望・烈風伝; Nobunaga's Ambition: Tales of Storms) is the eighth title in the Nobunaga no Yabou series, released February 1999 for Windows 95, with ports for Macintosh, PlayStation, Dreamcast, and PlayStation Portable made later and a remake released 2006 for Nintendo DS.