Dragon Buster
DragonBuster -Namcot- front
Doragon Basutā
Series Dragon Buster series
Sub-genre Action RPG, Dungeon crawler
Developer Namco
Publisher Namco
Enix (PC88)
Platform of origin Arcade
Platform(s) NES, MSX, Sharp X68000, Virtual Console
Year of inception Flag of japan/Flag of the united states1984
Release date(s) NES, MSX
Flag of japan1987

Sharp X68000
Flag of japan1993

Virtual Console
Flag of japan2009
Mode(s) 1-2 Players

Dragon Buster (ドラゴンスレイヤー Doragon Basutā) is an arcade game very similar to the later released "Super Mario Bros.", which was also released in North America, with console ports to NES, MSX and Sharp X68000. The NES version was later re-released for the Virtual Console (Wii).

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