Bawnded: Chitei Sekai-hen
バウンドッド 地底世界編
baundoddo chisokoyokaihen
Developer Nihon Micom Gakuen
Publisher Nihon Micom Gakuen
Platform of origin PC-8801
Year of inception 1983

Long time ago, there was a land known as Bawnded. On one fateful day, the castle of the Adon country fell through the Earth. Humans had to face hostile creatures lurking there, and a brave adventurer came forth to protect them, venturing into the depths of unknown lands.

Bawnded: Chitei Sekai-hen is predominantly a role-playing game published in Japan in 1983 for PC-8801 with interactive fiction elements. The game offers simple character management, with hit points, strength and endurance parameters, as well as equipment. It is required to type text commands to interact with the environment. Much of the challenge lies in navigating maze-like first-person environments.

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